I have been a musician since my teens, learning guitar, piano and singing. I have played with some amazing people, co-written several songs I am very proud of, and recently created backing tracks for competitions such as X Factor and Teen Star.

Since age 16 I have been making videos of songs I have covered which can be seen on my YouTube Channel and I recently reached 1 million views. Besides that I write, sing and produce many of my own songs and have so far published an album and an EP of my songs which you can listen to and buy HERE. I will hopefully soon be releasing several more songs that I’ve been working on.

Song-writing is a big part of my my life and I am often hired to co-write with people from a broad range of genres and singer-types. Some of my co-writing work can be seen here on my website via the Co-Writing tab, and I’m excited to be adding to this page while working with different artists currently.

As much as I love making my own music and playing solo, I equally enjoy being a session musician, and have had the privilege to play with some incredible acts, not the least the wonderful Beat Root Revival.

Feel free to contact me any time if you are looking for a song-writer, session musician or personalised backing track.

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